Monthly Archives: September 2013

blog_bullshitbackfire_illustration-01There’s been a lot of umming and aahing about the new Yahoo logo. As you’re no doubt aware, they’ve painstakingly ground-out every minute detail of the type over the course of a weekend and rehashed Optima. But as much as I can’t actually bring the look of it to mind and immediately think “meh” every time I do see it, I can’t argue with the rationale behind the redesign.

The one thing about it I can argue with is there’s no idea, nothing to engage people. And it’s every designer’s fault, whether you worked on the project or not (myself included), that the Yahoo logo is as engaging as a cup of milky tea.

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I started carrying a hanky a while ago. I have since uncovered an unspoken brotherhood of handkerchief carriers among my friends. I want to encourage more people to adopt this ‘old-fashioned’ habit. After all, it’s quite clear to me that more hankies = less war.

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