I am emphatically not a morning person. I hate waking up in the mornings. Anything less than about 12 hours sleep will see me turn into a complete bastard for at least the first 30 mins after being woken.

I’m aware that this is not a good thing, and it’s certainly not a trait I’m proud of. It has begun to metastasise into a deep sense of unhappiness in needing to have a job and keep regular hours with other people, which again is not a good thing. I’m sure there is a solution to this problem.

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I was recently fortunate enough to see Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) give a talk at the Hay Festival which takes place in a small town on the English/Welsh border. As I already work in Hay, the culture-clash of a multi-billionaire techno-giant visiting a rural idyll roughly 20 miles from the middle of nowhere was amplified somewhat and the event left me mulling a lot of things over. Often in the middle of the night when I should be asleep.

I became briefly obsessed with Big Data and noticed a problem (or opportunity depending on your personality type) which I’m not sure has been addressed.

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